REINFORCE your practice with science

Our consultancy focuses on personalized training programs, nutritional strategies, and recovery techniques tailored to each athlete’s unique physiology and sport-specific demands. Whether it’s maximizing endurance, strength, agility, or injury prevention, we aim to elevate athletic performance through evidence-based interventions, empower athletes to achieve their peak potential, protect their vitality, and excel in their endeavours.

Monitor & Analysis

Tools and methods for monitoring biomarkers related to metabolism, immune function, and health, and feedback to optimize performance.

Performance Nutrition Guidance

Complement of nutrition to sport-specific bioenergetic needs and ergogenic aids that can positively impact performance without compromising health.

Health & Immunity

Providing guidance on maintaining a robust immune system through proper nutrition, lifestyle adjustments, and stress management strategies tailored for athletes.

Injury Prevention & Overtraining

Insights on connective tissue function to minimize the risk of injuries, suggesting exercises, and biofeedback methods to detect and deter overtraining.

Recovery Strategies

Recovery techniques targeting connective and immune tissue function to conclude the inflammatory response and stimulate reparative mechanisms.

Mental & Emotional Well-being

Integrate knowledge of metabolism, sports psychology, and anatomy to address stress management, mental resilience, and emotional well-being.

Training & Practice Optimization

Tissue adaptations to exercise. Avoid pitfalls of concurrent training. Fibre-specific adaptation. Hypertrophy and fatigue resistance pathways.

Event Performance

Principles of post activation potential, adrenal control, visualization and self-talk considering personalized needs, goals and demands of the athlete's sport.

Life offers many paths to your envisioned endeavours. Assurance in your chosen path paves the way for training and a pursuit free from hesitation, making it easy to dedicate and push toward the timeline you seek. 

Performance with Timeline Sciences

I wish to bring to you awareness of our underlying physiology that governs our potential and limitations. Throughout my athletic pursuits coaches knew a great deal about sport and psychology, but little of metabolism, muscle, nervous, and connective tissue that ground our athletic pursuits.

Biology is the bedrock of our decision-making, and movement, however complex, is not an option but a must to nurture our biology.

Find new ways to test yourself physically and mentally appropriate for the life chapter you’re on. Arm yourself with the correct knowledge to be an anti-inflammatory athlete at any age and understand what that entails.  

Learn and share what’s right for you with Timeline Science.