metabolism: navigating biochemical pathways

Genetics may hold the potential of what may happen, but it is the metabolism that determines what is happening. Metabolism is the sum of all controlled chemical reactions that sustain life within an organism. The breaking down of complex molecules from the food we ingest into resources necessary for the synthesis of growth, repair and maintenance. What aspects of metabolism are important to your unique circumstances?

Our approach

Comprehensive Assessment: Before the session we delve into a personalized assessment, analyzing lifestyle factors, diet, activity modalities, and your specific inquiry. 

Personalized 1-on-1 Session: Each consultation is conducted via a private and secure video session, providing a personalized experience tailored to your individual needs and goals. 

Follow-up Report: A high-level overview of the assessment and consult will be available via a finalized report for your reference

Benefits of optimizing your metabolism

Our metabolism impacts many aspects of our day-to-day life, energy levels, weight management, physical performance, mental functions, digestion and nutrient absorption, body temperature, hormone balance, sleep patterns, health and immunity, mood and emotions. Understanding how metabolism impacts daily life can guide lifestyle choices to optimize metabolic health and overall well-being. What biochemical pathways are important to your unique circumstances? 

Common inquiries


Have all the energy you want. Today we have plenty of energy, the common issue is accessing our metabolism for vitality and against fatigue. 

Nutrition & digestion

Digestion is an expensive metabolic process and nutrition will determine what future supplements and medicine will be necessary.

Metabolic flexibilty

Develop a metabolism that can meet the challenges and demands of your unique pursuits and lifestyle. Teach the body to use the resources that support vitality.

Metabolic disease

Make the changes to protect or heal your metabolism from metabolic disease states like diabetes or cancer. 


Though there are over a million metabolites within the human organism, none can compare to the importance of oxygen. It is no wonder that the use of oxygen acts as a major switch for human metabolism. The simplest action to adopt for the continuity or repair of a healthy metabolism is conscious connected breathing. 

Today's resources

Dive as deep as you want. However simple or intricate your questions are Timeline Sciences is here to help. There exists a global core of biodata resources that have mapped out much of the inner workings of the cell, tissues, and organs. We’re able to bring you the latest molecular insights thanks to the support of these essential infrastructures available for public and private research.

Biochemical Pathways via the Metabolic Atlas

Do you have large data sets in need of meaningful biological connections? Please use our data analysis service.