Who We Are?

About Timeline Sciences

Daniel Tausan holds a graduate degree from the University of British Columbia in Stem Cell Biology with a Bachelor of Science in General Biology. He worked in research in the molecular profiling of exercise, looking into comprehensive blood panels in search of biomarkers for predictive health analytics with Molecular You and UBC’s School of Kinesiology to develop methods for biological age calculation.

He spent his early 20s with the Canadian National Waterpolo Team and coached the next generations of athletes to participate in the youth Pan-American games and World Championships. He personally trained clients for general fitness goals and athletic performance and continued to share the biological knowledge of the molecular world from his scientific pursuits.

Asthma, allergies and gastrointestinal challenges throughout his early years kept him eager to explore regenerative principles and the healthcare systems. Although the academic and industry surrounding the molecular biological revolution were exploding few professionals were present to help the public interact and integrate with the newfound biological knowledge. With a love for education and working directly with people he stepped away from academics. He launched Timeline Sciences to put “you” on the timeline aligned with your unique genome and goals.

Core Values

At the heart of Timeline Sciences’ foundational principle is being a nexus point of scientific information. Committed to serving all levels of understanding, from all walks of life, providing access to science with integrity. 

Life, with all its potential manifestations, is limited in its expression of organisms, each bearing a unique biochemistry. Each of us is unique showcasing the many manifestations of life. All creatures are worth our higher consciousness, attention, time, care, and preservation. 

Working Philosophy

Separate knowledge from belief to encourage intellectual growth and understanding of the beauty in the world around us.

Slow and steady. Be kind to the body and progressively move towards your goals. Adaptation is entrained and reinforced with time.